Project Location

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach is the best known coastal community in Costa Rica. It is only a 1 ½ hour drive from San Jose and its international airport.

Discover Jaco Beach

Located on the Pacific in the tranquil southern end of Jaco Beach, Tropica Sands boasts panoramic views of Jaco Bay, embraced by lush mountains. Here, the Tropica Sands condominiums will be Jaco’s newest and most luxurious haven – a short walking distance to the vibrant centre of Jaco Beach.

Coastal Village

Jaco Beach, a quaint village, seamlessly combines the tranquillity of coastal living with amenities that cater to even the most discerning traveller. Embrace the charm of this coastal gem, where the rhythm of the waves is accompanied by the pulse of village life.

Surfing Capital

Renowned as a surfing capital, Jaco Beach draws enthusiasts from across the globe to ride its consistent waves and warm Pacific waters featured in the surf movie Endless Summer.

Adventures Beyond the Shore

Jaco is a gateway to an array of adventures. Embark on rainforest hikes, witness diverse wildlife, explore mountain biking trails, or charter a boat from the prestigious Marina at Los Suenos for an unforgettable deep-sea fishing experience.

Diverse Culinary and Nightlife Scene

Visitors can indulge their palates in a diverse culinary scene with a broad selection of restaurants showcasing local and international flavours. As the sun sets, Jaco transforms into a nightlife haven, offering bars and nightclubs.

Proximity to Marinas

The nearby Marina at Los Suenos opens doors to exceptional boating experiences and sets the stage for deep-sea fishing adventures.